CBN End Mill Series

Developed by utilizing technologies cultivated through

the manufacture of ultra-precision molds,

CBN end mills from TOWA boast high precision,

superior abrasion resistance, and a long life-span.

The development of our CBN end mills began in response to an internal requirement concerning ultra-precision mold processing.
In order to maximize our technical capabilities with respect to high hardness materials used for mold chase and specifications required by customers, tools with higher precision and higher durability are required than commercially available tools.
Thus we fabricated in-house cutting tool.

Our CBN end mill is commercialized as having superiority unparalleled, having high precision of the tool itself and high sharpness.

Our CBN end mill used by our customers can also be re-ground (regenerated).
This enables a significant reduction in the unit cost of the tool borne by customers. In addition, we select tool types that are appropriate for their usage, such as parts to be processed and contents of processing.
In addition to expanding the standard line-up, we are also flexible in dealing with custom-made items such as tool diameter and corner R according to customer's request.

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Features of Our End Mills


High Precision and Long Life-span
Our CBN end mill enables high-precision processing with a long life-span. With the industry's highest level of precision, our CBN end mill enables various high-precision processing with a long life-span.

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Regrinding Service for CBN End Mill and Custom-Made Products
By utilizing re-grinding it is possible to drastically reduce the total tool cost. We also offer custom-made products desired by customers.

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Reduction of Man-Hours Enabled by Multiple Blades
By adopting multiple blades, we contribute to reduction of man-hours.Our CBN radius end mill has a lineup of 3 to 6 blades.

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CBN End Mills Intended Exclusively for Lapping
By using a combination of our standard CBN end mill and CBN end mill exclusively for lapping, it is possible to obtain surface quality with high accuracy and gloss.

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