Climate change measures - Setting CO2 emission reduction targets and Support for the TCFD Recommendations
  We are fully aware that reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change, is an important issue, and have set CO2 emission reduction targets for the TOWA Group. We will work on Carbon Neutrality throughout the Group.
  We also announced our support for the recommendations presented by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (hereinafter “TCFD※”).
  In the future, based on the recommendations of the TCFD, toward reducing climate change risk, we will strengthen governance, promote measures by extracting risks and opportunities and grasping financial impacts, and further enhance information disclosure.
※ TCFD was established to consider climate-related information disclosure and the response of financial institutions to climate change. The TCFD Recommendations encourage companies to disclose governance, strategies, risk management, metrics and targets related to climate-related risks and opportunities.

Certified as "Health and Productivity Management Organization 2022"
  It was certified as “Health and Productivity Management Organization 2022 (Large Enterprise Category)" under the Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi (Japan Health Council).
  We will promote health management by working to maintain and improve the health of employees and create a work environment where employees can work safely and lively.
  Please refer to here for Health and Productivity Management.

TOWA held in-house seminar "Health Seminar for Working Women"
  We invited an outside lecturer and held a "Health Seminar for Working Women".
  We learned about the impact of women's health issues on work, knowing their own health condition, and how to properly deal with them.
  TOWA will continue to promote efforts to further promote the activity of women so that each and every one of them can work in a healthy and personal way.

Toward expanding employment of persons with disabilities ー TOWA held in-house seminar
  On March 28, we invited a lecturer from the Kyoto Vocational Center for Persons with Disabilities to learn how to communicate with people with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities or mental disorders, and also to learn what kind of mindset we should have.
  The purpose of the seminar was not only meeting the statutory required employment rate and fulfilling corporate social responsibility, but also improving our knowledge and awareness to realize the coexistence with persons with disabilities.
  We will continue to provide training for the employees to raise awareness and continue to improve work environment for people with disabilities to increase the opportunities to employ them.

TOWA starts using electric car
  As a part of our decarbonization efforts, our Headquarters/Factory we purchased one electric car as a company car.
  In July 2021, we converted the electricity consumed at Headquarters/Factory into the one derived from renewable energy. So, CO2 emissions during driving is zero when we charge battery at our company site. For us, replacing one gasoline-powered car with an electric car leads to maximum1,450 kg reduction in CO2 emissions during driving per year; this calculation is based on the mileage of our company car in fiscal 2020.
  We will continue and expand to use electric vehicles.

Practice of Health Management ― Smart Garden at TOWA Korea proved to be effective for tiredness recovery
  TOWA Korea has participated in Smart Garden Program promoted by Cheonan-si and greened its resting room in Cheon An Office in November, 2020.
  Now, as a result of the experiment conducted by HanKyong National University to measure the effects of the program, it has demonstrated to be effective for recovery from physical and mental tiredness of employees.
  The experiment was conducted in October 2021 with employees in their 20s to 50s, it was demonstrated that using this resting room had some effects such as lowering blood pressure, releasing psychological stress(reductions of negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, anger and sadness)and improving vitality and concentration compared to using a normal resting room.
  The foliage plants at the resting room have excellent ability of absorbing volatile harmful substances in the air and supplying fresh air.
  The room has automatic water supply unit, lights with automatic brightness control and air circulation fans, and maintains optimal conditions for plants growth while keeping maintenance costs to the minimum.
  TOWA Korea will continue employee health oriented management.

TOWA Group sets "Human Rights Policy" and "Anti-corruption Policy"

  We have set "Human Rights Policy". We, in its own business activities, will deepen its understanding that the human rights of all concerned parties must be respected and will conduct appropriate activities based on this policy.
  We have set "Anti-Corruption Policy". Based on "Anti-Corruption Policy", we strive to thoroughly prevent corruption such as bribery, embezzlement, extortion of profits, or fraudulent bidding etc., that is abusing of the power and status of one's own or a third party's duties. In addition, we strive to thoroughly prevent judicial obstruction or money laundering, etc., which are compliciting acts.

Solar panels placing plan at Kyoto East Plant finalized

  We are going to place solar panels on the roof of the new plant, which is under construction, and existing plant at Kyoto East Plant.
  The construction begins in January 2022 and the panels will start operating from March 2022.
  After completion, we will be able to cover about 9% of the electricity consumed at Kyoto East Plant in FY2020. This equals to the reduction of about 280 tons of CO2 per year. (Calculated using an emission factor of 0.350 kg-CO2/kWh)
  We have already switched all of the electricity consumed at this plant to the renewable energy derived electricity in July 2021, and we further promote creating energy internally.

Switching to LED lights at Headquarters/Factory

  We are going to switch the lights at Headquarters/Factory to LED lights.
  We have already switched the main lights of the factory and office to LED lights in 2015 and 2016. Following this, we switch the remaining about 1,000 lights to LED lights from January 2022. After completion, we can get the effect equal to the reduction of about 13 tons of CO2 per year. (Calculated using an emission factor of 0.350 kg-CO2/kWh)
  We have already switched all of the electricity consumed at Headquarters/Factory to the renewable energy derived electricity in July 2021, and we will continue our efforts to reduce the total amount of electricity consumption.

Overseas subsidiaries also place solar panels

  Following Kyoto East Plant, Japan, overseas plants in TOWA Suzhou (China) and TOWA Malaysia also resolved to place solar panels and started construction.
  After completion, it is estimated that Suzhou plant will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by 1,020 tons and Malaysia plant, by 1,330 tons. Each of the amounts corresponds to about 30% of annual emission amount respectively.

TOWA Japan has adopted new renewable energy derived electricity plan

  From July 2021, TOWA Corporation has switched the electricity used at all major domestic establishments to the renewable energy derived electricity.
  Furthermore, from November 2021, TOWA Headquarters/Factory and Kyoto East Plant has switched its contract to the one with tracking information (*1) which enabled TOWA to join RE100 (*2).
 (TOWA uses renewable energy derived electricity continuously.)
 (*1) The information indicating the source of renewable energy derived electricity mentioned in Non-Fossil Certification, such as the location of power generation equipment.
 (*2) The global corporate renewable energy initiative bringing together hundreds of large and ambitious businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity.

TOWA Japan continues to consolidate product shipments

  From fiscal year 2019, TOWA Corporation has been consolidating product shipments to its overseas subsidiaries to the greatest extent possible. In this fiscal year 2021, we reduced the number of shipments about 8 % per month in average so far (from April to October 2021) against the number of shipment request.
  This has contributed to a decrease in fuel consumption by trucks and also minimizing exhaust gas emissions.

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