CBN End Mill Series

CBN End Mills with BANCERA


This is a new lineup that has joined the CBN end mill series. These tools boast an even longer life-span, which is enabled by Bancera, a new ceramic coating developed by TOWA.
*How to order: Please specify the blade diameter, corner radius, effective length, and number of blades.
*Please consult us separately if you have any problems with CBN end mills or if you need tools with a non-standard blade diameter or other non-standard specifications.


  • An even longer life-span than existing products, enabling a reduction in the cost of purchasing tools
  • Bancera coating is available for all the end mills in the series
  • Recoating is available, permitting the tools to be reground in the same way as existing products

Even longer life-span enabled by improved wear resistance

Dramatic effect for end mills with an extremely small diameter

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Features of Our End Mills

Feature 1

High Precision and Long Life-span
Our CBN end mill enables high-precision processing with a long life-span. With the industry's highest level of precision, our CBN end mill enables various high-precision processing with a long life-span.

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Feature 2

Regrinding Service for CBN End Mill and Custom-Made Products
By utilizing re-grinding it is possible to drastically reduce the total tool cost. We also offer custom-made products desired by customers.

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Feature 3

Reduction of Man-Hours Enabled by Multiple Blades
By adopting multiple blades, we contribute to reduction of man-hours.Our CBN radius end mill has a lineup of 3 to 6 blades.

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Feature 4

CBN End Mills Intended Exclusively for Lapping
By using a combination of our standard CBN end mill and CBN end mill exclusively for lapping, it is possible to obtain surface quality with high accuracy and gloss.

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