Features of Our End Mills

Features of TOWA's End Mills

Developed by utilizing technologies cultivated through the manufacture of ultra-precision molds, CBN end mills from TOWA feature high precision, superior abrasion resistance, and a long life-span.

Products from TOWA Corporation, an expert on end mills, boast the following four features.

Feature 1: High Precision and Long Life-span

Example of LED mold

Example of LED mold

With the industry's highest level of precision (with a diameter accuracy of 0µm to -3µm and a radius accuracy of ±2μm), our CBN end mill enables various high-precision processing with a long life-span and this will contribute to reduction of man-hour by shortening of programming work time.
With regard to wear resistance, our CBN end mills maintain high precision of up to ±3μm, even in the 340th finishing processing of a spherical surface (R1.3).

Results of 3D shape measurement

Tools used: R0.5 ball end mill Work material/Hardness: STAVAX/HRC55 Measuring instrument: 3D measuring instrument from Carl Zeiss

Feature 2: Regrinding Service for CBN End Mill and Custom-Made Products

Regrinding Service
By replacing the carbide end mill with our CBN end mill and utilizing re-grinding it is possible to drastically reduce the total tool cost.
TOWA offers CBN end mills with the industry's highest quality and lowest prices. The number of our CBN end mills needed for a particular volume of work is one-fifth of that of the carbide end mills needed for the same volume of work.

Custom-made products
We accept orders for CBN end mills other than the standard products shown in the brochure. We offer custom-made products with tool diameter, corner radius, effective length, and/or other non-standard specifications desired by customers.

We offer a regrinding service and custom-made products with a minimum order quantity of one at a reasonable price. It can be shipped within 7 days after placing an order.

Feature 3: Reduction of Man-Hours Enabled by Multiple Blades

By adopting multiple blades, we contribute to reduction of man-hours. Our CBN radius end mill has a lineup of 3 to 6 blades.

By using multiple blades, it enables to double the processing feed speed, which is effective for reduction of man-hours and productivity improvement.

In addition, under the same conditions, the tool life is longer and the cost can be reduced by using multiple blades than the two blades.

Further man-hour reduction enabled by increased feed rate

A longer life-span enables lower cost

Feature 4: CBN End Mills Intended Exclusively for Lapping

Surface quality by hand polishing is required for finishing of processed surface in various fields including LED lens molds.

The combined use of our standard CBN end mill and one intended exclusively for lapping saves manpower for the finishing processing, which would generally be undertaken by hand polishing, while enabling high-precision processing and a surprisingly shiny surface finish.
By using a combination of our standard CBN end mill and CBN end mill exclusively for lapping, it is possible to achieve finishing process savings that had been dependent on hand polishing and to obtain surface quality with high accuracy and gloss .

Lapping radius end mill (processing into convex shape)
Processing into convex shape
Material: Improved SKD11 (HRC63)

Lapping ball end mill (processing into semispherical shape)
R 5.0 processing into semispherical shape
Material: STAVAX (HRC55)


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