Corporate Mission

Our corporate mission is to contribute to the growth of the world’s industries by developing and providing key enabling technologies for each successive generation of products. Through our “quarter-lead” policy, we will respond to the needs of our customers and the industry at large by boldly taking on the challenge of developing innovative technologies and novel products, producing results, and contributing to the development of global industry.

Corporate Mission

Ever since our establishment, under our longstanding commitment to continual technical progress, we at TOWA Corporation have consistently achieved the development of new products and innovation in manufacturing technologies, and at same time, we have engaged in corporate activities based on our Corporate Mission, including valuable joint development projects with customers aimed at building win-win relationships with them and the establishment of service centers in the world’s major semiconductor-producing regions.
These efforts have enabled us to develop a strong foundation for “providing products and services that our customers need now, in a timely manner, in the optimal locations, and at reasonable prices”, thereby responding immediately to the evolution of technologies.

As a world-class company that prides itself on its manufacturing, we will continue to work passionately towards creating new cutting-edge solutions in order to meet the needs of our customers and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Basic Management Policy

We believe that our core competence lies in our high-precision molding-related technologies, which have enabled us to develop ultra-precision molds.
By returning to this origin, we will focus on domains where we can take advantage of our core competence and optimize quality, cost and delivery (QCD) to establish a profitable structure.
In addition, we will look to the future of semiconductor packaging technologies, which continue to advance under the theme of “slimmer dimensions, miniaturization, and multi-stage configuration”, and we are developing solution-based strategies in development, production, and marketing to meet market needs ahead of the competition.

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