TOWA's Response to the SDGs

Our Basic Policy for Sustainability  
 To enhance our corporate value and realize sustainable society, we (TOWA Group) contribute to the development of industries through our management philosophy “Quarter Lead” and our Corporate Mission, Code of Conduct and Environmental Policy, and we also build firm relationships of trust with all of our stakeholders including customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees and their families, and communities.
Major Initiatives Related to the SDGs
Message from Management

Message from Management Regarding the SDGs

President & CEO
Hirokazu Okada

  Today, various levels of government, private enterprises, individuals, and other entities in countries around the world are developing a variety of initiatives aimed at achieving the universal goals set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.
  At TOWA, we feel engaging in activities that reflect our serious consideration of environmental impacts, our links to our local and international communities, and the health and safety of our stakeholders is essential to sustain our business operations and continue to grow.
  In keeping with our management philosophy “Quarter Lead”, which means maintaining one-quarter lead over our competition, we are supporting our customers by delivering products that are unique in our industry. Our compression molding equipment, as a prime example, has a low environmental impact and achieves resin efficiency of 100% (compared with the 30–50% resin efficiency of conventional equipment). We believe this achievement highlights our support for the intent of the SDGs.
  In order to sustain our business operations and remain a Company committed to growth, we believe we must dedicate ourselves to creating the high added value that enables both society and us to grow together. Toward this end, we adhere to our management philosophy and core technologies as we conduct research and development, cultivate our human resources, and build a solid management foundation supporting the health of the environment, society at large, the economy, and governance as they relate to the SDGs.

TOWA’s Commitment to the SDGs:
TOWA shall focus on the following seven goals of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations, particularly those with relevance to our business.

Relationship between the SDGs and ESG Investing:
  ESG is the acronym of Environment, Social and Governance. In recent years, ESG Investing, which analyzes companies with a focus on these three factors and invests in companies that are run well, has been attracting much attention in the stock markets.
  Institutional investors and other investing entities have concurred with the Principles for Responsible Investment supported by the United Nations and have realized that ESG Investing creates new investment opportunities. On the other hand, the companies that have adopted the goal of contributing to the achievement of the SDGs are more likely to receive ESG investment and increase the number of business opportunities for creating shared value.
  The diagram below illustrates relations between SDG issues to which we are focusing on and ESG.

Participating Organizations

Kansai SDGs Platform
  In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we are participating in a platform that has brought together a wide variety of actors, including private enterprises in the Kansai region, members of civil society, NPOs, NGOs, academia, research institutes, and government agencies.
  In addition to broadening the appeal of the SDGs and raising awareness of the importance of these common global issues, we are promoting economic activity that nurtures innovation and creates high social value through collaboration and cooperation with stakeholders.