Floating image technology

Vivid image Simple components
Expands various possibility of floating image!

Clear images with high quality optical lenses.
Floating lenses that produce floating images are made by integrated microscopic lenses. By adopting a transmissive lens, we realized a clear floating image with less distortion. This lens making full use of TOWA's Nano processing technology is manufactured in an injection molding factory (cleanroom environment), one of our subsidiaries.

Enjoy 3D floating images without special glasses.
The image showed on the display is focused by the floating lens, then imaged in the air on the side of the viewer. This floating image is a real image itself which actually created in the air, so viewers can enjoy the image with less fatigue by naked eye. You can also have a view from any distance within the viewing angle range.

Simple components, lightweight lens.
By placing this floating lens in front of a display (tablet, smartphone, etc.), you can easily create floating images. With simple components and lightweight resin lens, it is ideal to be used in various fields.
Resin made 17 inch floating image lens
 Under development
The 17-inch floating lens producing floating images is made by integrated micro-lenses. This lens making full use of our Nano processing technology, is manufactured in the injection molding factory (cleanroom environment), one of our subsidiaries. Using this lens, we are able to realize a clear floating image with higher brightness and less distortion compared to similar products. We also succeeded in mass production and cost reduction by resin lens commercialization.
Space-saving installation
All you need to do is put the lens in front of a monitor, simple as that, it can be installed in a small space anywhere. When using a 17-inch display, a depth of 350 mm is required for similar products, while a depth of 100 mm is sufficient for ours, saving 70% of space for you.

Various possibilities for display products
Ideal for various display products such as ATM, convenience store terminal, reception machine, elevator button, food ordering system, digital signage/advertisement, vehicle instrument panel, etc.
Overview of 17-inch floating image unit
Under development
A sensor detects the operation of the floating image, you can control it without touching the screen. Since you do not touch the screen directly, it can be expected to prevent infections such as COVID-19. Also, since no fingerprints left on the screen, it is suitable for ATM and devices requiring high security. It also expected effective for medical facilities requiring strict sterilization and devices used in restaurants and food manufacturers.

Unit contents: floating lens, display, connect interface
(Computer with HDMI connector is required.)

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