Message from the President


Hirokazu Okada
President & CEO

We offer our sincere gratitude for your ongoing support and cooperation.

Business Philosophy "Quarter-Lead"

We (TOWA) are No.1 in the world for semiconductor molding equipment and precision molds to protect the semiconductor chips by using resin.

We hold the world’s top class core technology in ultra-precision mold. So far, we have accomplished various technology innovations in molding process such as multi-plunger system and compression system, singulation process (last half of molding process) and automation technologies relating to these.
Expanding technologies such as 5G, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automatic driving system and services using big data are all realized by semiconductors. Big growth in these business fields is expected to continue.
For many years we have led molding and singulation process in semiconductor packaging field. This success is wholly based on seeking what our customers really need thoroughly, putting our business philosophy "Strive to develop key technologies and maintain 'quarter-lead' over the competition in order to insure that our innovative products are always the first to market" into practice and creating new market.

Our original compression technology is the molding method with no resin flow and best for leading-edge semiconductor packaging ― the technology required for the packaging has become more and more difficult as layering and modularization in semiconductor memory and 5G related devices goes on.
And the compression method makes the efficiency in the use of resin almost 100%. The compression method contributes greatly to customer’s cost reduction and reduces the amount of waste, which makes it a more environmentally friendly molding technology.
The compression technology is unrivaled from its release in 2009.

Challenge to SHINKA (creating value through innovation) of Manufacturing Company

In April 2014, we announced "TOWA 10 Year Vision" with the slogan "Challenge to SHINKA (creating value through innovation) of Manufacturing Company." So far we implemented its milestone plans; the first and second mid-term (three years each) business plans. Then we started "The third mid-term (four years) business plan" in April, 2020.
By making paradigm shift (change the way of thinking), we provide products and services that bring customers high added value. In addition, we promote activities that contribute to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the United Nations.
With these plans, we aim to increase satisfaction of our stakeholders including shareholders. We ask you to lend your continuous and strong support.

June 2021

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