Mold Release Films


Item codeSpecificationsThickness(μm)Width(mm)Length(m)
TB Double-sided matte finish 50 Max. 700 260
TBF Double-sided mirror finish 50 Max. 700 260
TBM Double-sided matte finish 70 Max. 700 260
TBM2 Double-sided matte finish 50 Max. 700 260
TBMS Double-sided matte finish 70 Max. 700 260


ItemUnitMethod of measurementTB
Double-sided matte finish
Double-sided mirror finish
Double-sided matte finish
Double-sided matte finish
Double-sided matte finish
Melting point DSC 247 247 247 247 247
Glass-transition temperature TMA 200 200 200 200 200
Surface roughness   μm JIS B 0601-2001 Ra 0.2
Rz 1.6
Ra 0.1
Rz 0.3
Ra 1.7
Rz 11.0
Ra 1.6
Rz 10.5
Ra 1.4
Rz 9.5
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