Singulation Equipment

At TOWA, we develop dicers and handlers,

the main functions of singulation equipment.

Together with molding equipment, singulation system is one of the core equipments for the post process of semiconductor manufacturing. We develop dicers as a main function of singulation systems, thereby providing the optimal method of singulation for each type of manufactured product. In addition, our singulated product handlers contribute to improving customers' productivity with high throughput.


FMS3040 with tray offloader

FMS3040 with tray offloader

FMS3040 with tape offloader

FMS3040 with tape offloader

The FMS Series is a fully automatic singulation system that is capable of handling substrates ranging from 25mm X 150mm to 100mm X 300mm in size, which are used for semiconductor production in many cases.

The FMS3040 is capable of dicing semiconductors into pieces as small as 1.0mm X 1.0mm, in addition to reducing the footprint by 10% compared to previous systems from TOWA.

Dicer units from TOWA use twin-cut tables and twin spindles. In addition, our handler units come with a variable pitch mechanism for the pick and place unit. This ensures high-speed conveyance and stable storage, enabling 40,000UPH.

Further, our singulation systems maintain optimal cutting precision by correcting highly warped molded products before cutting them and checking for the misalignment of products -- which may be caused by their expansion, contraction, or deformation -- with a camera while they are being cut, and correcting them. They also come with a built-in function for visual inspection of products, allowing customers to reduce the number of inspection processes.

Product Case

  • Finger Print Sensors

    Introduce our manfufacturing technology used for finger print sensors.

  • Head-up Display

    Introduce ultra precision element technologies that support the manufacturing of high quality and high precision optical parts used in head up displays.

  • Automotive Electronic Devices

    Introduces our molding technologies andequipment, which improves the reliability of ECUs and various automotive electronic devices.

  • Floating image technology

    Introducing the floating image lens and various application examples based on our ultra-precision mold processing technology, EF technology, and injection molding technology.

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