Corporate Governance

For a Higher Level of Corporate Governance

We make continuous efforts to enhance our corporate governance system, aiming for the sustainable growth of the TOWA Group and the medium- and long-term improvement of our corporate value.
In addition, to strengthen the system, we became a company with an audit and supervisory committee after the General Shareholders Meeting held in June 2016.
Under this new system, we will strengthen the supervisory function of the Board of Directors and ensure its prompt decision-making and execution of operations, thereby improving the efficiency of our business management.

We are striving to further strengthen and practice our corporate governance, based on the following fundamentals:

  1. Ensuring that the actions of the TOWA Group are legal and socially responsible
  2. Ensuring and maintaining the transparency and objectivity of our business management
  3. Building an organization and system that is able to respond rapidly to changes in the environment
  4. Ensuring fair business administration with importance attached to shareholders, by protecting the rights of our shareholders and being open and candid with them, for example
  5. Creating corporate value and employment by building strong relationships with our stakeholders

Our Corporate Governance System

(As of December 27, 2018)

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