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Molding Equipment

TOWA is a leading company in the semiconductor molding equipment market. We offer equipment using our proven transfer molding method, and high quality / flow free compression molding method.

Singulation Equipment

With our expertise in the field of singulation, high speed handling and image analysis technology, we offer high quality singulation equipment.

Ultra-Precision Molds

As the leading company in resin sealing technologies for semiconductors and other electronic components, we at TOWA Corporation have supplied a number of ultra-precision molds to the market. These products have been highly acclaimed by customers.

End Mill and Drill Series

Developed by utilizing technologies cultivated through the manufacture of ultra-precision molds, End mills and Drills from TOWA boast high precision, superior abrasion resistance, and a long service life.

Actions for SDGs in equipment

TOWA's molding equipment is full of SDGs initiatives. We introduce some of them.

Achieving Further Growth by Returning to Our Core Competence of Manufacturing

Established in 1979 as TOWA Precision Industries Limited, we have made a significant contribution to the development of the industry by creating and proposing numerous new technologies.

To develop more de facto standards in the industry, we will return to our core competence of “high-precision molding-related technologies” and “manufacturing” with the aim of achieving further growth.

Our Features

Competitive Advantages of TOWA

  • Our Commitment to Technologies

    Our Commitment to Technologies

    Through research and development of new materials, resin molding technologies, and micro-fabrication, we promote our core businesses and expand into other fields.

  • Support & Services

    Support & Services

    At TOWA, we are able to provide a broad range of support and services to customers who have purchased our products.

  • Global Operation

    Global Operation

    Currently, sales from overseas customers constitute more than 80% of our sales. We are supported by semiconductor manufacturers all over the world.