Quality Initiatives

Finishing Products with the Best Possible Quality for Greater Customer Trust and Satisfaction

Initiatives for Securing High Quality

As a company whose core business is manufacturing, we are working to establish and improve processes that ensure consistent quality in every step, including design, manufacture, inspections, and post-delivery services.
We also undertake quality assurance activities with internationally competitive technology standards in line with globalization. We therefore identify diverse customer needs correctly and constantly provide the latest technologies and high-quality products.

Quality Policy

By concentrating the “five forces” and practicing manufacturing that always stays true to its roots, we at TOWA Corporation provide the market with “new products, new merchandise and services” by taking a “quarter-lead”ahead in our efforts to ensure greater customer trust and satisfaction.

1.We fulfill our customers’ requirements, follow the requirements of laws and regulations related to products and services, as well as TOWA Corporation’s own requirements.

2.We engage in the following as the key tasks for our business activities, products, and services:

 (1)We strive to ensure that our products have a high-quality finish in each process by always bringing TOWA development back to its roots and taking pride in implementing the fundamentals and principles of manufacturing.

 (2) We pursue potential customers’ requirements and work to improve customer satisfaction.

To achieve this Quality Policy, we set strategic targets, formulate specific steps for realizing them, set indexes for measuring the results quantitatively, and make efforts to ensure continuous improvements.

April 1, 2017
Hirokazu Okada
President & CEO
TOWA Corporation


(Excluding Bandoh Memorial Research
Laboratory and INNOMS Promotion Dept.)

As a leading supplier to the global semiconductor industry, we at TOWA Corporation were among the first to establish robust quality assurance systems.
We have also been certified as complying with the international ISO 9001 quality management system standard.

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