TOWA Group (Japan)

TOWA's global network enables detailed marketing and services and efficient production.


Business description
Repair and maintenance of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, sales of parts, and procurement and sales of used equipment


Production Base Production Base Service Facility Service Facility

5 Kamichoshi-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-8105 Japan
TEL (+81)75-692-0271
FAX (+81)75-692-0272


Kyushu Service

Sales Office Sales Office Service Facility Service Facility

7-27 Yayoigaoka, Tosu-shi, Saga 841-0005 Japan
TEL (+81)942-81-5078
FAX (+81)942-81-5082

TOWATEC Kyushu Service

Tokyo Service

Service Facility Service Facility

13F-310 A,RE,A Shinagawa, 1-9-36 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan
TEL (+81)3-6718-4835
FAX (+81)3-3474-8130

TOWATEC Tokyo Service

Tohoku Service

Service Facility Service Facility

1-43-11, hiyoridai, Tomiya-shi, Miyagi 981-3304 Japan
TEL (+81)22-796-1125
FAX (+81)22-796-1126

TOWATEC Tohoku Service


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