Basic Policy on Human Resource Development,
Internal Environmental Policy

As part of this idea, we are trying to develop human resources and promote health management. Above all, we place the highest priority on the health and job satisfaction of all employees.

1. Basic Policy on Human Resource Development

TOWA believes that the source of corporate development is to pass on to the next generation a corporate culture of "bringing about innovation " through "continuous challenge" actions. TOWA believes that the support for a variety of challenges of each employee will be led to corporate growth, fostered a culture in which employees learn by themselves, and achieved an organization capable of autonomous growth.
In this way, TOWA aims to produce "talent" to inherit the founder ideology, to keep challenging themselves, and to try to bring about innovation.

2. Internal Environmental Policy

TOWA is committed to maintaining and improving the health of all employees and creating a workplace environment that is full of smiles, based on the belief that when people are healthy, full of energy, both physically and mentally, and the company's business will flourish.
TOWA also believes that creating an environment, in which TOWA employees can work in good mental and physical health, will bring wellbeing and happiness to them and their families, and brighter society.

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