TOWA Group (Overseas)

TOWA's global network enables detailed marketing and services and efficient production.


TOWA Europe B.V. (The Netherlands)

Business description
Sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and provision of after-sales services

Sales Office Sales Office Service Facility Service Facility Laboratory Laboratory

Geograaf 14, 6921 EW Duiven, The Netherlands
TEL (+31)26-3791500
FAX (+31)26-3114598


TOWA Europe B.V. (The Netherlands)

TOWA Europe GmbH (Germany)

Business description
・Sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
・Import and sales of cutting tools

img_038_2.gif Sales Office

Oststrasse 54 D-40211 Duesseldorf, Germany
TEL (+49)211-740-73-180
FAX (+49)211-740-73-107


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