Management Policy

Disclosure Policy

Information Disclosure

  1. Basic Policy
    TOWA Corporation seeks to ensure the timely, appropriate disclosure of information about the TOWA Group to gain deeper understanding and confidence in the TOWA Group from shareholders and investors, to achieve accountability, and to improve the transparency of our corporate management.
  2. Criteria
    We promptly disclose information that is required in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations under the disclosure rules set forth in the Securities and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    We also disclose information that is not required in accordance with the rules mentioned above, proactively and in a timely, appropriate manner, if the disclosure of such information is deemed effective for enhancing the understanding of our business. However, we may refuse to respond to requests for certain information where the requested information may compromise our competitive position or is protected under a confidentiality agreement.


Current plans, forecasts, strategies, beliefs, and other information about the TOWA Group published on this website other than historical facts are forecasts of future business performance. Such forecasts are based on the judgment made in accordance with currently available information and therefore contain potential risks and uncertainties. Please note that actual business performance may differ materially from these forecasts due to various factors.
We exercise reasonable caution to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on this website. Please note, however, that we cannot accept any liability for any damage or problems arising from incorrect information contained on this website, the download of data from the website, or similar causes.
The purpose of this website is not to operate as an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell securities. Instead, it is aimed at providing general information about our investor relations. We request that users make investment decisions based on their own judgment.

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