Materiality for the TOWA Group


Identification of materiality (material issues)

We have identified the materiality (material issues) for the TOWA Group. Toward what TOWA wants to be 10 years hence, as clarified in the “TOWA Vision 2032,” or our long-term vision, we will strive to improve the sustainability of society through the provision of value to society, while at the same time enhancing long-term and sustainable “earning power” of the Group and encouraging further value creation.

Materiality for the TOWA Group


Material Issues Initiatives Related SDGs
TOWA's value creation
through contribution
to society
Ø As stated in our management policy, we intend to respond to the needs of our customers and the industry at large by boldly taking on the challenge of developing innovative technologies and novel products, producing results, and contributing to the development of global industry through our “quarter-lead” attitude. Under this policy, we aim to become a world-leading company that continues to create value, as we strive to enhance customer trust and satisfaction.
Ø We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by utilizing technologies based on TOWA’s core competence and by taking initiatives with our eyes set on social issues.
Ø We will actively disseminate information about our initiatives to increase our name recognition.

Contributing to
environmental impact
Ø We will work to reduce CO2 emissions in our business operations and promote the introduction of renewable energy sources, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the Group.
Ø We will move ahead with eco-friendly development for our own products, and provide eco-friendly products and services to contribute to our customers' decarbonization and environmental measures. We will also pursue a circular economy (economic activities that reduce waste generation and recycle products while maintaining high value) through our modification business, sales of used equipment, and TSS (Total Solution Service).
Ø We will promote environmental preservation efforts through our environmental management system, reduce waste, and strictly control environmentally hazardous chemical substances.

Promoting health and
as well as occupational
safety and health
Ø We will put into practice our belief: "when employees are healthy and full of energy, both physically and mentally, the company’s business will flourish." By maintaining and promoting health; improving the work environment and occupational safety; and enhancing employee engagement we will create an environment in which our employees can work with joy and satisfaction.
Ø We will promote workstyle reforms by improving operational efficiency through DX.

Developing human
resources and
promoting participation
involving diverse talent
Ø We will develop global human resources who will lead the next generation with diverse and ambitious mindsets and who can respond to changing environments (risk).
Ø We will respect diversity and create an environment in which diverse human resources can play a more active role.
Ø We will pass on TOWA’s core competence technologies and corporate culture, which have been cultivated since its founding.

Further strengthening
governance system
Ø We will proceed with corporate governance and compliance initiatives to strengthen our governance structure.
  Strengthening of risk management
  Strengthening of BCP system
  Strengthening of intellectual property strategy
  Strengthening of information security
  Initiatives for personal information protection



Identification process

Items with high importance were analyzed using a graph plotting importance to society and stakeholders on the vertical axis and importance to TOWA on the horizontal axis.

Connection with “what TOWA wants to be” in “TOWA Vision 2032”

We have identified, put together, and finalized materiality as issues that we must work on in pursuit of what TOWA wants to be 10 years hence as a top international company, which will increase corporate value by being addressed and achieved.