Development of High-Hardness Anti-Reflection (AR) Ceramics Coating

January 25, 2023


  We are pleased to inform you that we have developed a new high-hardness ceramics coating with AR performance by applying our proprietary BANCERA coating technology. 

  BANCERA coating is applied to molding dies and glass products and has already been proven to dramatically improve productivity by reducing adhesion. 

  On the other hand, BANCERA coating has a high reflectance and exhibits an interference color, which makes it difficult to apply to lenses that require high light transmittance. 

  This time, we have applied these technologies to develop a new ceramics coating with AR performance. 

  The average surface reflectance is 1% in the visible range from 380 nm to 780 nm, and the transmittance in the same wavelength range is over 95%, so it has good visibility. 

  In addition, it has a high adhesion and a hardness of over 9H in pencil hardness, and is about 4 times that of the conventional AR coating, making it a new coating that has greatly improved. 

  This coating is expected to be used for eyeglasses, optical sensor lenses, displays and monitors, as well as solar panels. 

Fig. Comparison of the state of reflection with and without the developed Coating

 This coating will be exhibited at the Automotive World International Automotive Electronics Technology Exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight. 

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