New plant building in Kyoto East Plant completed
- Meeting growing demand for business of Cutting tools for metal working and Undertaking processing business -

March 24, 2022


  Today, TOWA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “TOWA”) has completed constructing new plant on the site of Kyoto East Plant (Ujitawara Industrial Park, Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto)which started on July 2021.

1.Objectives of Constructing New Plant

  TOWA manufactures cutting tools (endmills) in-house for its manufacturing of resin sealing molds for semiconductor, the tools improve production efficiency and stabilize mold quality, and TOWA also sells the tools to customers. In addition, TOWA undertakes processing business by featuring one of the world's leading utilizing technology cultivated through the manufacture of ultra-precision molds, and works to expand revenue opportunity by resolving issues of customers in various fields, such as automobile parts manufacturers.
  Lately, demands for the cutting tools and undertaking processing business are growing and existing plant will become a little small to deal with them, so we have decided to build a new plant to increase production capacity. By this completion, the total floor area including existing space will be approximately 1.4 times larger.
  Also, we will use vacant space created after we moved production equipment from the existing plant to the new plant for promoting smart factory of resin sealing molds for semiconductors and so on, and seeking further improvement in productivity and enhancing product quality.
  We have a plan to increase the sales amount of cutting tools and undertaking processing business into about four to five billion yen in a few years.


  (1)Plant name:TOWA Corporation Kyoto East Plant The forth building
  (2)Address:1-35 Ujitawara-cho, Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto 610-0231 Japan
         (Located at Ujitawara Industrial Park)
  (3)Structure of Building:Steel construction・Two stories above the ground
  (4)Building area:2,031.87㎡
  (5)Total floor area:3,706.00㎡(Existing space:9,665.90㎡)
  (6)Total investment value:About one billion yen(Only building)
  (7)Start of operations:March 2022

3.Activities to achieve SDGs

  TOWA Group set Basic Policy for Sustainability and is making various efforts to enhance our corporate value and realize sustainable society. We place solar panels on the roof of the new plant completed today and cover some energy consumed at Kyoto East Plant. Also, we are under construction to place solar panels on the roof of the existing plant. In total, those will be able to cover about 9% of the electricity consumed at Kyoto East Plant.
  We continue contributing to realize sustainable society.