Switch to Renewable Energy Derived Electricity at All Major Domestic
Establishments for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Business

July 15,2021

  In July 2021, TOWA Corporation switches the electricity used at all major domestic establishments for semiconductor manufacturing equipment business to the renewable energy derived electricity. ※1
  Covered establishments are Headquarters/Factory (Kyoto-shi), Kyoto East Plant (Ujitawara-cho, Kyoto)and Kyushu Work (Tosu-shi, Saga).
  These establishments consume about 12,000 MWh of electricity per year, and by switching all of the electricity to renewable energy derived electricity, CO2 emissions will be reduced by about 4,000 tons per year.

  As the leading company of semiconductor molding equipment, we have accomplished various technology innovations so far and we keep focusing on the efficiency improvement of resin use (reduction of waste plastic) in molding process.
  Especially, our original compression method has achieved 100% resin efficiency (zero waste plastic) and this technology enables to reduce CO2 emissions by over 60% compared to another molding method. ※2
  Also, we are making a variety of decarbonization efforts such as placing solar panels on the roof of Kyoto East Plant annex now under construction and cover necessary energy.

  We hold “Increase company value by strengthening corporate governance and take initiatives in approaching SDGs” as one of the basic policy of ongoing the third mid-term business plan.
  We continue to realize technology innovation and promote activities contributing to both society and company by paying attention to the health and safety of all people involved in TOWA and to the global environment.

  1. Headquarters/Factory and Kyoto East Plant adopt “Renewable Energy ECO Plan Premium” of THE KANSAI ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC. and use electricity generated by waterpower.
    Kyushu Work adopts a plan of NANWA ENERGY CO., Ltd that utilizes Non-Fossil Certificates with Tracking Information (*) and uses electricity generated by solar power.
    (*) Certification that the electricity was generated using renewable energy power sources such as solar power and wind power, and the information on the power generation equipment is tracked by the government.
  2. Compared to the equipment adopting transfer molding method (According to the survey by TOWA)


Headquarters/Factory (Kyoto-shi)


Current Kyoto East Plant (upper picture) and
the image of Kyoto East Plant annex now under construction (lower picture) (Ujitawara-cho, Tsuzuki-gun, Kyoto)

Kyushu Work (Tosu-shi, Saga) 

Relevant SDGs to which we can contribute through this initiative

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Relevant SDGs to which we can contribute through this initiative